URL Encode Decode Tool

URL Encode Decode Tool

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About URL Encode Decode Tool

In most cases, the query string—also called the Uniform Resource Identifier—will utilize URL encoding (URI).

The special symbols are the only ones that users should really encode with URLs.

When you need to encode or decode a URL, you can use this free web tool.

Adding special characters to a URL parameter, often called percent encoding, is made much easier with our online URL encoder/decoder tool.

To encode a URL, you must replace any characters that are not allowed with a percent sign and two more hexadecimal numbers.

Although decoding URLs does the trick, it won’t tell you who sent you an email campaign or newsletter.

Just type in a URL or some text into the box up there to start using this tool.

Subsequently, the outcomes will be displayed immediately upon clicking either the Encode or Decode button.

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