Social Content Locker Tool

Social Content Locker Tool

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About Social Content Locker Tool

One promotional tactic you can employ to grow your subscription base is a content locker.

Imagine you have some excellent content on your blog or website that you are positive will captivate your viewers.

Thus, a content locker allows you to showcase a small excerpt from the article as a teaser before encouraging the reader to subscribe for full access.

There may be further steps to obtain access, such as like or sharing the content.

Thus, a content vault is another tool at your disposal for enhancing your visibility online.

Pick valuable stuff and lock it so that readers can only access it if they do what you want them to.

That’s the main principle.

But don’t restrict all of your content—especially the substandard stuff—lest you alienate your viewers and ruin your reputation.

Perfect for blog posts and articles, this snippet will lock your content until visitors share one of the social links.

This will boost your website’s visibility.

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