Sentence Case Converter Tool

Sentence Case Converter Tool

About Sentence Case Converter Tool

You can use the sentence case converter to make all the words in a phrase or string of words, as well as proper nouns, capitalized simply by entering their first letter.

Titles, headings, and news headlines in American and British newspapers are typically set in sentence case, which is also called down style or reference style.

The usage of sentence cases in a variety of British publications (e.g., bibliographies, reference lists, etc.) is ubiquitous.

Even though this function is available in most word processors, you may find it helpful to use this tool just before sending your work to the editor.

This tool is easy to use. Simply copy the text you wish to convert from your word processor.

After you’ve copied the content, paste it into the supplied text area: Select “Convert” from the menu.

In a matter of seconds, you ought to have your output.

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