Screen Resolution Simulator Tool

Screen Resolution Simulator Tool

160x160 Pixels
320x320 Pixels
640x480 Pixels
800x600 Pixels
1024x768 Pixels
1152x864 Pixels
1600x1200 Pixels

About Screen Resolution Simulator Tool

Websites can appear great and function perfectly on certain computers, but they can be a complete disaster on others.

Screen resolution is frequently to blame when this problem arises, but websites aren’t one-size-fits-all.

How many pixels your screen is showing is called its resolution.

Take 800×600 pixels as an example, where 800 is the width and 600 is the height, for your screen resolution.

You can see more details on a screen with a greater resolution.

The trade-off is that material will look smaller with better resolution.

For the purpose of testing their websites on various screen resolutions, developers can use this Screen Resolution Simulator Tool to resize the browser window.

Click the “Simulate” button after entering your website’s URL and selecting the resolution you wish to test.

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