DNS Record Lookup Tool

DNS Record Lookup Tool

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About DNS Record Lookup Tool

You may want to verify the internet-propagated DNS entries for your domain for a variety of reasons.

The inaccessibility of your website could be due to inaccurate DNS records or the necessity to verify which DNS records are visible online. A domain name can be “pointed” at a server’s IP address using the Domain Name System (DNS).

Your domain name is translated to an IP address by the DNS.

You can think of it as a road sign directing people to your email, proxies, and website.

It is essential for users to be able to locate you. Even if your DNS is functioning correctly on one server, it doesn’t mean it will on all.

Using this tool, you can easily identify the DNS entries for a specific domain name and keep tabs on important records like A, AAAA, SOA, TXT, MX, NS, CAA, and more.

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