Broken Links Checker Tool

Broken Links Checker Tool

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About Broken Links Checker Tool

Managing relationships between individual web pages and keeping track of weblinks inside the site is becoming increasingly difficult as the amount of web material grows.

There is currently no ideal solution for maintaining the integrity of a website, which would include checking and enforcing proper page relationships, recording content moves, renaming websites, adding subdomains, and automatically updating each associated URL.

Some of your internal links will eventually become dead because they no longer lead to valid resources; they will also become old, strange, hanging, and obsolete.

The issue might be made worse by modern content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and blog software.

Whenever your visitors attempt to access those missing resources, they will always obtain 404 error codes or other failed HTTP answers.

Your professionalism will take a hit if your links don’t operate.

Aside from hurting your site’s search engine rankings, they make users less likely to stick around and visit again.

Make this tool perform all the effort of checking your site’s pages and outgoing links instead of you.

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