Adwords Keyword Wrapper Tool

Adwords Keyword Wrapper Tool

About Adwords Keyword Wrapper Tool

You can easily wrap keyword phrases for broad, phrase, and precise matches with this tool.

Once your list is ready, you can make a copy of it.

Searches that are relevant to your keyword—even if they don’t contain your keyword terms—may display your broad match keyword.

To expand your audience or find a new market to target, this match type is perfect for you. When people do searches that involve your term’s meaning, phrases that match your keyword may appear.

Algorithms and designs aim to catch queries with similar intent by implying the meaning of the keyword.

While broad match is the default, phrase match allows you more precision than exact match.

Search results that have an exact match keyword often have the same meaning or aim as the original phrase.

To eliminate terms that are unrelated to your company or have a low return on investment (ROI), you can use the negative match type.

Put each keyword phrase on its own line and enter them in the box up top.

Select Wrap by clicking on it. Enter the keywords into Google AdWords by copying and pasting.

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