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Ads Txt Code Generator Tool

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About Ads Txt Code Generator Tool

One text file that can help decrease ad fraud, including domain theft or purported hijacking, is Ads.txt, which stands for Authorized Digital Sellers.

This makes the publisher’s ad inventory more open and transparent by showing the buying and selling locations of impressions.

One way ads.txt helps stop fraudulent, illegal inventory sales is by letting publishers openly name authorized sellers.

To further prevent unsanctioned traffic purchases, Ads.txt also allows ad purchasers to verify sellers.

Publishers verify domain ownership and associate accounts that can sell ad inventory by adding the ads.txt file to their websites.

That being said, advertisers may simply peruse an online directory of all approved publications together with their ad inventory.

Simply comparing the publisher’s account ID with the ads.txt file is all that’s required when the advertiser receives a bid request.

Press the Generate button after pasting your publication ID from the AdSense dashboard into the aforementioned area.

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